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Koleztown Invest Group has been engaged in investment consulting for 4 years. We manage more than $329K of own capital and would love to make professional investment more available to newbies and enthusiasts

Five sectors to invest in

Invest in multinational companies in the most promising economy sectors.

Profound assessment

We scrutinize each company we invest in and do marketing research for you


Start with as little as $100 to check how it works.

Smooth withdrawals

Withdraw after 30 days as much as needed. No daily limits.

Sustainable returns just in 30 days

Make your money work instead of having it eaten away by inflation or negligible deposit rates



We’ve chosen the most booming sectors: healthcare, financials, energy, telecommunication, IT




Companies are distributed across 4 continents and 30 countries

Start investing with as little as $100

Choose between the rapidly growing investment sectors

Successful strategies shared with everyone

Join Koleztown Invest community today to get full access to what we do


Insights into financial market

Register with Koleztown Invest and get a grip on the financial market. With our monthly insights, financial analysis has never been so simple

Financial planning

We provide advice on managing finance, from retirement or budget planning to investment strategies, both for individuals and corporations

Financial awareness

We don’t simply use your capital to multiply your profits. We are glad to help any of our investors by sharing knowledge of managing finance

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